Welcome Message

Welcome Message

“Kormarine Conference 2019”

On behalf of the organizing committee, it is our privilege to invite you to the beautiful coastal city of Busan for the KORMARINE CONFERENCE 2019.
The Conference 2019 will provide a platform for the marine and offshore shipbuilding industry to share latest trends and foster discussions regarding subjects such as green technology. This will surely inspire participants to make collaborations which will advance the shipping industry.

The KORMARINE CONFERENCE 2019, which is expecting its 6th anniversary this year, will be held under the theme ‘Digital and Green Ocean’. Needless to say, resources for new renewable energy are underscored due to climate change and renewable energy, and the progress of technological advancement is getting faster at an alarming rate.

As the marine industry recognizes the importance of sustainable development, we expect that the Conference will provide an insight to integrate automation and eco-friendly energy in the shipping industry. Sharing knowledge and information will raise awareness in green technology. Thus, the Conference will create the momentum to help overcome any potential challenges in the marine and offshore shipbuilding industry in the long term.

We also plan to have in-depth discussions regarding the close connection between the shipbuilding & marine engineering industry and the world economy. Interacting with experts from various fields such as energy, finance, shipping, and shipbuilding on a global scale will play a vital role in recovering the world economy.

Lastly, we thank the organizing committee and participants for the warm support to build this productive and exciting Conference program. We will endeavor to create a global network in the shipping industry.

Thank you.